PPU and IBDAA' Organizes a Seminar about Intellectual Property.

PPU and IBDAA' Company had organized a seminar about "Intellectual Property", which took place on the 15th of September in PPU Campus, with the participation of the General Director of Intellectual Property Department at the Ministry of National Economy "Dr. Mazen Abu Shareia'h", the General Director of IBDAA' "Mr. Rasem Suwwan", the Lawyer "Alaa' Touqan", PPU Vice President for Community Affairs "Dr. Mohammed Ghazi Qawasmi", and Coordinator of the Center of Entrepreneurship and Career Development "Mr. Fadi Sweiti", in addition to a number of PPU Academic and Administrative Staff members, and students of PPU from different faculties.
IBDAA' Company is an Initiative implemented by 4 universities including PPU, financed by USAID, and aims at Reinforcing and promoting the culture of innovation, Research and Development and Entrepreneurship in different technological fields in order to serve industries and Local-Global markets.
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