About Us

Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU)

PPU is one of the leading polytechnic universities in Palestine, it has been founded in 1978 by the University Graduates Union (UGU); which is a non-profit organization in Hebron district. The primary mission of PPU is to emphasize High Quality vocational and Technical Engineering Education; this is achieved by providing students with practical knowledge to help them acquire an up-to-date experience directly related to their disciplines.

PPU is officially recognized by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education, and it is an active member in the Rector Conference of Palestinian Universities.


Innovation and Technology Transfer Center (PPUITTC)

PPU had established and launched the PPUITTC through STEP Project: Strengthening University-Enterprise Linkages in Palestine, which has been developed in the year 2012, as part of the modernization program of higher education TEMPUS IV, funded by the European Union (EU).

The project aims at stimulating the development of a culture of university-enterprise cooperation, capacity building in the field of human resources, promotion strategies consistent information and communication among the academic community and in the environment industrial, regional and national, as well as the provision of necessary to create long-term partnerships and research collaboration with business critical data.

PPU also has established the Industrial Synergy Center (PPUISC) in the year 2007, in order to create a bridge between engineering education and local industry, aiming at quality improvement in industry and education.

PPUITTC aims at assessing the relationship and cooperation channels and knowledge transfer between PPU and the local community, reinforcing applied scientific research leading to continuous improvement of quality measures of local industries, matching related outcomes of Technical - Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs with the local market needs and demands, Designing and reforming related curricula with the involvement of the private sector, enhancing employability of TVET graduates, in addition to integrating the roles of PPUISC in implementing community service purposes and activities.


Strategic Vision of PPUITTC:


Internal Vision:

A Pioneer and certified reference in serving future Palestine’s generations in the field of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, with highly extended network of cooperation with the local and regional community.


External Vision:

Towards and Innovative and Creative Community with a reinforced and firm Culture of University-Enterprise Cooperation.


Strategic Mission of PPUITTC:

The general mission of PPUITTC can be summarized as follows:

  • Development of a culture of cooperation among Academic - Public - Private sectors.
  • Capacity building in the field of human resources.
  • Development of Promotion strategies, consistent information and communication among different parties.
  • Provision of necessary to create long-term partnerships and research collaboration with business critical data.
  • Promotion and reinforcement of the culture of Innovation in Palestine.
  • Provide the community with competencies, knowledge, and technical services required for the process of development.


Shared Values

PPUITTC adopts a number of vital values by which it can handle with various issues related to the core of its foundation, such as: Social Responsibility, Commitment to Serving the community, Adoption an Incubation of recognized Entrepreneurs and Innovators, Equality, Solidarity, Credibility, Sustainability, Development and Management of Change, Partnering and Networking.