Entrepreneurial Enterprise Education Methods Workshop.

In light with the new trends of PPU towards Entrepreneurship as one of the vital issues regarding PPU Strategic Plan for the upcoming 3 years, first workshop in "Entrepreneurial Enterprise Education Methods" had been conducted successfuly for 20 of PPU employees those who are part of the College of Applied Professions (CAP) in cooperation and direct support of PPU Vice President for Planning and Development and External Affairs "Dr. Aiman Soltan Tamimi". The training had been conducted and moderated by "Eng. Motasem Natsheh" and "Mrs. Duaa' Sharabati" as qualified trainers who had been involved in previous Training of Trainers Programs in the field of Entrepreneurship conducted by the International Expert "Ven Morar" from Maastricht School of Management (MSM). This training as well as the other upcoming programs aims at reinforcing and developing PPU new strategies towards Entrepreneurship in all sides of the Academic Process which in turn sharpens the skills of students on how be innovative and how to create their own furure career from nothing.
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